Automotive Sales Training For Controlling the Sale

When you become a car salesman you are taught a lot of things like how to determine what your commission is, what the bottom line on a car is or even how much you can reduce a car. Few automotive sales training techniques teach you how to control the sale to get the outcome you want. There are four simple steps you should follow in order to make this happen; Introduction, presentation, relationship and closing the sale.Car Sales Training Tip #1: The IntroductionYou want your customer to view you as a friendly face they can rely on, so you must begin by introducing yourself to the customer and make a connection. Discover things you may have in common and chit-chat a little to make them feel at ease. During the chatting, try to determine what the car will be used for and what they are looking for that would make life easier for them. Build a quick relationship with them and then begin nudging them towards the car you think they may like.Car Sales Training Tip #2: Present the CarPresenting the car is very important. Many people leave the lot without ever buying because the car was not properly demonstrated to them. If your customer does purchase from you, don’t you want him to know where the headlight control is or the windshield wipers are? Demonstrate the features of the car and make sure they know where each feature is located and how to use it. Showing off a special feature is even better because they will feel like they are getting what they pay for.Car Sales Training Tip #3: Introduce them to the DealershipIf you are not working for yourself, then you work for a dealership whether it is a new car dealership or a used car dealership. Salesmen have found that if a customer becomes familiar with the dealership and its employees, they feel more at ease and are more likely to buy. This also builds trust in the customer who may otherwise distrust all salesmen. Walk around the lot with them and introduce them to the staff. Let them see how dependable the staff here are.Car Sales Training Tip #4: Closing the DealThe closing should be the easiest part of your job. Doing everything else right will ease the customers mind telling them that they have chosen the right place to buy from and give them a sense of empowerment. All customers have objections. It may be that the price is a little higher than they had anticipated. But if you listen, you can overcome their objections and get them into the office. The closing should be done in a quiet place where you can remain with them at all times. Leaving them alone gives them time to think and find excuses not to buy.

Automotive GPS Systems – Built In Or Portable?

Whether you are driving long hours across country or a few minutes across town, you might want to consider getting one of the latest automotive gps systems to save you time and for your safety. Being able to get from point A to point B without getting lost can sometimes is a challenge, but automotive gps systems can help in so many ways. The automotive gps systems use 24 orbiting satellites to triangulate your exact whereabouts and also figure out the distance it will be before you get to your destination. Along the way to ‘point B’ the automotive gps receivers will tell you roads you’ve passed and exit as well. This is so you don’t have to look away from the road, making it much safer.Automotive gps systems have the same features as many of the handheld portable gps receivers do, however, most of them are larger and stay in the car. But there are a few models that can be taken out of the car and carried around with you as you walk around the city or the woods; it depends on which model you want to purchase. Most of the automotive gps models have a larger LCD touchscreen and come with more maps than the handheld units. Street level maps and millions of POI’s or points of interests such as restaurants, ATM’s and banks, zoo’s, schools and parks are already preprogrammed into the automotive gps systems. Although there are programs in which you can program your own POI’s such as schools and speed cameras so you know to avoid them each time you pass by that way.There are several software packages available to download onto your automotive gps navigational system through your home computer that will allow you to see more of the United States or Canada, Mexico and even Europe. If you are planning on traveling, it might be a good idea to purchase a CD-ROM with one of these extended countries with the POI’s highlighted for you and your family to enjoy while there.Some of the other accessories available for your automotive gps systems would be a Bluetooth headset for easy hands-free driving, XM radio – there might be a subscription cost to this, you would have to check and see – a carrying case if you want to take the system out and take it on a walking tour of the city or forest and different mounting options. One of the options for mounting the automotive gps is a round ‘sticky’ disk which you lay the gps navigation receiver on and it stays put as you drive along. Another option is an ‘arm’ mount which can be placed on the dash or adhered to the window so the gps is where it is most comfortable for you to view it while driving.

Automotive Technical Schools

Automotive technical schools are specially designed to prepare students in the automotive field as professional automotive technicians. During the past decade, the number of automotive technical schools has increased manifold and most offer unique specializations. The automotive industry is not just confined to engines and repair work; opportunities are diverse. With the automobile industry at an all-time high, job opportunities in this field are many.Automotive technical schools offer a wide range of career programs in the areas of fuel and ignition systems, engines and repair, brakes, power trains, electronics and diagnostic equipment, transmissions, auto electronic fundamentals, custom motorcycle body fabrication, collision repair and refinishing, emission testing, and much more. Some of the common programs to be found in the automotive technical schools include automotive technician training, collision repair and refinishing, diesel and industrial technician training, automotive service management, and mechanical drafting design and CAD technology.Based on the courses, students finishing automotive technical schools are awarded diplomas or degree certificates. Almost every automotive technical school boasts experienced and highly qualified instructors from the automotive sectors. The fees at most of the schools are a bit high but financial aid packages are available at most schools.Besides full time programs, online and distance education programs are provided by automotive technical schools. Online courses are particularly designed for those who are working full-time and can’t attend regular classes, or for students who wish to study from the convenience of home. Automotive technical schools provide online programs in a variety of fields. These include automotive and diesel technology, auto body repair technology, career development training, fuel, and emissions control systems, and ignition systems and functions.Before enrolling into any automotive technical school, always check whether the school or college you selected has an accreditation. Also, make sure that the college can provide you with the best technical assistance that covers all your needs. As new cars are becoming more and more complicated, always choose an automotive technical school that teaches latest technological advancements.