Auto Insurance Policy Advice – Tips For Finding the Best Deal on an Auto Insurance Policy

Q: I am shopping around, and asking a lot of questions like you have advised other people, but all the quotes I am getting are higher than I thought they would be. How can I get a good deal on a Kentucky auto insurance policy?A: If you have followed the advice that we have given to other consumers who are looking for a good price on auto insurance and still not finding a good deal on a Kentucky auto insurance policy, then here are a few other things you can try:*Join a group that has negotiated a discount rate with an automobile insurer. The cost of joining the group may be entirely offset by the savings you see in your policy.*Ask if you can save money on your policy by buying an anti-theft device.*Consider having automatic seatbelts installed if the insurance savings will offset the installation cost.*Call the car insurance agents back and ask what special programs they may have that can lower the cost.*Get a copy of your driving record and make sure there is nothing on there that shouldn’t be.If none of these tips work then it is possible that the quote you have received is the best deal you are going to get on a Kentucky auto insurance policy. Reasons your insurance may be higher than you thought include the type of car you own, the neighborhood you live in, your past driving record, and other factors.(Lastly, we strongly recommend that you shop around online and compare automobile insurance rates from several different companies. Comparing quotes is one of the easiest ways to save a bundle on your automotive coverage.)